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Reach more customers in more ways. Let us create a custom-tailored program to help your business grow today!


Promote Your Visibility and Grow Your Business

Promote your business in Malawi and have a powerful online Marketing strategy that effectively reaches current and potential buyers.
Finding new buyers for your products and services has never been easier.

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Accelerate your business with Yellowpages Free Listing today!

  • Drive customers to your business
  • Reach more customers in minutes
  • Make your brand recognizable worldwide



Major Features

Yellow pages Malawi is Malawi’s one stop shop with the features to help you find what ever you are looking for;


Advertise your product or service online to increase traffic and your visibility.


We strive to upload vacancies daily as they come giving you the potential applicant a chance find the job opportunities out there.


Request and find Tenders online today.

Other Services by Yellowpages

Digital Advertising Billboard

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read”.

Yellowpages Malawi has two strategically located digital advertising billboards along Chipembere Highway opposite Chichiri Shopping Mall and in Lilongwe near City Mall. They are currently plans to install more digital boards in Blantyre,Lilongwe Zomba and Mzuzu.


  • Re-inforces the availability of the brand
  • Re-assures the consumer of the brand choice
  • Provides the retailer with proof of advertising support
  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Maintains brand dominance
  • Strategically located
  • Coverage, frequency and impact

Email Marketing

Yellowpages email marketing services is cost effective and highly targeted.Yellow pages Malawi database has over 40,000 email addresses for Malawian Companies, Non Governmental Organizations, Government Departments, Decision Makers and individuals at large.

State of the art servers makes it possible to deliver mass mail in a shot period of time. As a value added service companies are also advertised through Yellowpages Malawi social media platform (face book and twitter).


  • Target Marketing – Direct mail allows you to target specific markets.
  • Ease of Response – Direct mail allows for easy response by your prospects.