Property Maintenance Technician


Property Maintenance Technician / “Handy Man” / “Jack of all Trades”

at a small but busy lodge

Job Location:  Rural Nkhotakota

Property Maintenance Technician / Handy Man / Jack of all Trades

Job Description

  • Inspect buildings, equipment and appliances for functionality, checking for faults and fixing them where they exist to keep all things running and functioning properly; also, make provision for replacement of old and damaged appliances
  • Create and implement property maintenance policies and standards to serve as guide to other property workers in a bid to prevent misuse of property appliances which could result to damage
  • Ensure that properties are safe and void of any danger to their occupants, visitors, and workers by putting away harmful objects and equipment, and putting in place machinery to handle emergencies, such as fire outbreaks; and create exit routes with proper direction for easy location during emergencies
  • Diagnose problems with appliances and facilitate their prompt repairs for the convenience of property users, and carry out repairs on minor problems, such as light fixtures, clogged toilets, leakages, peeling wall and furniture
  • Check electrical wiring for accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards to avoid accidents
  • Design plan and schedule for works to be executed on properties
  • Conduct training for new maintenance workers to get them acquainted with the job

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  • Mechanical skills: The maintenance technician is required to have mechanical skills as well as skills in the fields of electrical installation and plumbing to handle minor repairs and fixtures. Should also have basic knowledge in carpentry and building.
  • The candidate should be a “jack of all trades”.
  • Knowledge of electricity: Knowing how electricity works will help the technician to diagnose electrical problems and appliances and carry out minor repairs
  • General maintenance skills: With good maintenance skills, the technician will know how things work and how to keep the place organized, as well as how to tackle maintenance tasks in a fast and easy manner
  • Verbal and written communication skills in English : The property maintenance technician needs to have strong communications skills for effective delivery of information to clients, colleagues, and management
  • How To Apply: