1. The Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Health Implementation Unit has been receiving support from The Global Fund and Gavi since 2003 and 2002 respectively. The Ministry of Health (MOH) is the public sector Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund Grant and Gavi In order to effectively administer and manage the grants, the Ministry established a Program Implementation Unit (PIU) to undertake some of the functions of the Principal Recipient in the implementation of the Global Fund and Gavi Grants
  1. Ministry of Health GF/GAVI PIU seeks to engage a reputable and suitably qualified Contractor/s to drill and construct 240 boreholes in the health facilities across the Country for the contract period of 180days.various
  2. Interested Bidders who are eligible and participated in the same procurement previously are also encouraged to participate.
  3. The Contractor/s will be responsible to make sure that specifications and statement of requirements listed in the bidding document are followed during the execution of the Contract.
  4. The duration of the contract for these services will be 180 Calendar days from the date of contract signing
  5. Bids will be evaluated through the procedures specified in the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets (PPDA) Act 2017 and its associated Regulations of the Republic of Malawi.
  6. A detailed bidders qualifications requirements and evaluation criteria can be found in the bidding Document for this tender process.

8 A complete set of the Bidding document in English language may be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of MK10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Kwacha only). The method of payment will be cash or bank certified cheque. The bidding documents can be purchased at the following address below from Friday, 2nd December 2022, between 8.00am to 13 30pm all working days, not public holidays and weekends. The closing/Opening Date is 6th January 2023 at exactly 14:00 hrs (2:00 pm local Time).

Ministry of Health (CHSU- PIU) Finance Office, HIV Building, Of Mtunthama Road, Area 3, P.O. Box 30377, Lilongwe, Malawi. Bids must be submitted by depositing the package in the tender box located on the entrance of the HIV Building (CHSU) no later than Friday 6th, January, 2023 at 14.00Hrs local time. Electronic submission will not be accepted. Late proposals will be rejected.

Below is the full address for bid submission:

The Chairperson, Internal Procurement & Disposal Committee (IPDC), Ministry of Health (CHSU- PIU), HIV Building, Off Mtunthama Road, Area 3, P.O. Box 30377, Lilongwe, Malawi.

  1. A public bid opening event will be held after the closing period for the reception of bids. Bidders’ or their representatives who wishes to attend in person are welcome to participate. Further information can be found in section two (2) of the Request for Proposal document.
  2. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information by writing to the following email address: Attention Procurement Specialist, email address:;;;,

The Chairperson,
Internal Procurement and Disposal Committee (IPDC)

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