Now is the best time to invest in Social Media

We all know it. So let’s face it. The firstborn of the Internet is social media. If the Internet is making shockwaves across the world, then it is true to say that social media is sending massive shockwaves within the marketing world. Social media advertising should account for over 60% of your entire online marketing strategy if you are to increase your brand’s and products’ exposure.

Social media users are increasing by the day, including in the continents that lag behind in regards to tech adoption. Even if someone doesn’t need your products or services today, they might need it tomorrow. And guess what: Potential customers often go for the products they’ve seen, engaged with, and are familiar with on social media. If you cannot appeal to them, your competitors will. Therefore, you need to leverage social media to build your brand identity and hence establish an effective social media marketing strategy.

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