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Serendib Tours is a specialist tour operator based in Malawi offering day trips from all its 5 Hotels which are under Serendib group of hotels. We offer a range of adventures and Cultural tours in and around this enchanting country.

Founded in 2017, the company was established in order to be providing day trips to our guest in all our 5 Hotels that we have. We are here to expand and develop a wide range of itineraries to satisfy all kinds of travel and holiday needs. Our experienced team combines local knowledge with international understanding, and we offer a highly personalized level of service ensuring that trips are perfectly tailored to our clients needs. It’s important to us that your African dream becomes a reality.
With a focus on day trips and long trips, we attract people from all over the world to our 5 luxurious Hotels and we take them on trips around the beautiful Malawi “the warm heart of Africa”. From individuals, groups to families who are interested in doing more than staying at the hotel or on the beach, we take them on a Safari, Cultural and even hiking adventure with our experienced tour guides. So if you’re thinking about your next adventure, why not try Serendib tours and have a look at our range of safari tours and holidays.

Any questions just give us a call or drop us an email. We look forward to welcoming you and lead you to explore the warm heart of Africa!

Zaburi Beach by Serendib

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Bolera Village

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Tucked away in the naturally charming location of Mangochi is the exotic hideaway of Zaburi, a blissful holiday beach resort that is inviting, cozy, relaxing with direct beach access to Lake Malawi. A beautiful property embraced by a private natural sand beach and shaded by soaring palm trees, the Zaburi Beach by Serendib is an enchanting gem along the coast of Lake Malawi.

We place a strong emphasis on providing world-class hospitality and gracious service, whilst embracing and maintaining a sense of place in the local environment. Aiming to provide a one of a kind tropical holiday, this beach resort offers its guests a fantastic experience with nature. Apart from offering a refreshing retreat, Zaburi Beach Resort lets you bask in its paradise-like surroundings, while enjoying a host of leisurely activities. It also presents 14 well-appointed rooms, coupled with attentive services to ensure a rest conducive holiday in this beach resort.

Heritage by Serendib

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Milward Road, Limbi, Blantyre, Malawi

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Heritage by Serendib, prides itself of being one of Malawi’s few hotels that have roots stemming back to the country’s colonial era. Situated in the heart of Limbe, the hotel has been renovated and restored to its former glory. Staying true to its name, the hotel is indeed rich in heritage and memories alike.

With its lavishly furnished cozy rooms and in-room amenities, the Heritage hotel offers some of the finest accommodation the city has to offer. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests to host a wide selection of events and functions at our hotel and are able to hosting corporate events, private functions, birthday parties etc. and our facilities can be arranged and decorated accordingly to host and array of private functions.

Bluewaters by Serendib

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P.O.Box: 373, Mafco Street,

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Blue Waters by Serendib is an exclusive resort hotel that is situated on the tranquil shores of Lake Malawi, in the picturesque town of Salima. Fondly called the jewel of Senga Bay, this stylishly rustic designed resort is an intimate and luxurious escape for you to relax and enjoy some luxury, good food by the international chefs and the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. All of our deluxe rooms, premier lake view and Grand wing suites are comfortably furnished and have breathtaking views of the heart of Lake Malawi and offers tranquility, for all holiday makers, whether business, family or honeymoon couples. With breathtaking landscapes and probably the most scenic sunset in the African continent.

The resort has exclusive access to a private Island “Namaleje” approximately 7 kilometers from the resort, a paradise for divers and nature lovers that enjoy the crystal blue fresh water.

Lotus by Serendib

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Glyn Jones Road,

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Lotus is a prestigious hotel which combines glamour, sophistication and world-class service for a flawless guest experience for business and leisure travelers. This luxury hotel offers contemporary elegance at its best. Located in close proximity to the commercial area of Blantyre, this hotel will entice you to experience the best side of the city.

With an exceptionally exquisite interior and exterior, Lotus promises an impressive range of facilities and an unrivalled standard of personal service and sheer comfort. A warm reception awaits you at this upper-tier hotel, no matter your purpose of visit. We wish you a truly comfortable and positive experience at our elegant establishment, and we offer you our full dedication, along with the choicest of services, to ensure that you will get the most out of your time with us.